The kitchen

Traditional cuisine

The dishes are typical of the Veronese and Veneto cuisine: simply cooked but tasty. In particular, we recommend as first dishes: pasta and bean soup, bigoli (local home-made spaghetti) with sardines, gnocchi, risottos and tagliatelle with seasonal vegetables; as main courses: oven-baked shank of pork with mashed potatoes, Vicenza-style salt cod, horsemeat stew with polenta, spring onion omelette.

Our desserts are also all home-made: tiramisu, chocolate cake with orange sauce, trifle, millefeuille, semifreddo, ice creams.

The Wine List mainly offers wines from the Verona area, especially reds, but also wines produced in other parts of Italy.

The Menu


First Dishes

Second Dishes


From Our Bakery

In case of price differences with paper menu at the table, it would be applied what written on paper menu in the restaurant


Updated 12/02/2020